8th Grade Rosters

B2C Roster

2016 Players
Ahmad WalkerRunning Backs
Ali AbdulWide Receiver
Anderson CrawfordOL/DL and Tight Ends
Antonio FowlerOL/DL and Tight Ends
Antonio JonesDefensive Backs
Antonio TaylorDefensive Backs
Armond AndersonOL/DL and Tight Ends
Ashton MartinOL/DL and Tight Ends
Austin EldredDefensive Backs
Barrett CarterWide Receiver
Bobby SimsDefensive Backs
Byron GreenOL/DL and Tight Ends
Cam McDowellQuarterback
Cameron RichardsonOL/DL and Tight Ends
Carlos Del RioQuarterback
Chaz ChamblissLinebackers
Chris BingOL/DL and Tight Ends
Christian LettRunning Backs
Cody BrownRunning Backs
Connor SwennumsonOL/DL and Tight Ends
Corey KinerRunning Backs
Dacari CollinsWide Receiver
Dade LipscombOL/DL and Tight Ends
Deion ColzieWide Receiver
Demarius JacksonOL/DL and Tight Ends
Dewayne JohnsonOL/DL and Tight Ends
Deymon FlemingLinebackers
Diante SheppardOL/DL and Tight Ends
Emon HillDefensive Backs
Fuches LewisOL/DL and Tight Ends
George JacksonOL/DL and Tight Ends
Harrison AllenLinebackers
Henry Hodge IIIDefensive Backs
Hunter ColemanLinebackers
Jacob SmithOL/DL and Tight Ends
Jacobie BaughRunning Backs
Jake PutnamOL/DL and Tight Ends
Jamal HaynesRunning Backs
Jaquez SmithWide Receiver
Jared NeddLinebackers
Jason NallsLinebackers
Jayden ThomasWide Receiver
Jaylan RutherfordLinebackers
Jordan StephensonDefensive Backs
Jordan GrierDefensive Backs
Joshua GrahamDefensive Backs
Justin JohnsonRunning Backs
Kamar WilcoxsonDefensive Backs
Kaseem VaulsOL/DL and Tight Ends
Kelvin DrummondOL/DL and Tight Ends
Kristopher WilliamsOL/DL and Tight Ends
Kyle KingsburyQuarterback
Kyrie TruettLinebackers
Lyndon CooperOL/DL and Tight Ends
Malachi PittmanOL/DL and Tight Ends
Matthew BakerOL/DL and Tight Ends
Montev Ware Jr.Quarterback
Narvin BookerDefensive Backs
Nicholas PerryLinebackers
Noah AbramsDefensive Backs
Patrick RutledgeOL/DL and Tight Ends
Quentavius ScandrettWide Receiver
Ricarlo ScottOL/DL and Tight Ends
Seth MountsLinebackers
Shaquille AncrumRunning Backs
Steven CarterLinebackers
Tabious FletcherDefensive Backs
Teddy DavenportWide Receiver
Terrico FaulksDefensive Backs
Timothy NewnanLinebackers
Triox MarshallOL/DL and Tight Ends
Xavier PattersonDefensive Backs
Zavier CarterOL/DL and Tight Ends
Zion AlexanderDefensive Backs

8th Grade Rosters

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7th Grade Rosters

2015 Players

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