2014 North

Chandler Staton

Player Bio

Chandler Staton is a kicker from Gainesville High School that has a strong right leg along with mental toughness that is not found often in players at his position. The period of time from Sept. 26 to the end of the 2014 season saw a remarkable run by the junior as he made 35-of-36 extra points along with going a perfect 9-for-9 for September, including one a season-high 47-yard field goal against Lanier. While many crumble under the pressure of being a kicker, Stanton embraces it. He enjoys the pressure of being in the spotlight for a make-or-break situation. To be able to handle that pressure, the Gainesville kicker carries a mindset that aims to stay relaxed, maintain a mental focus and remember that he has the skills to perform the task at hand. Stanton credits that type of mindset to his father, a 24-year veteran firefighter whose work inspires the junior, helping him to keep perspective of what is truly a pressure situation. Prior to arriving at Gainesville, Stanton played 8-on-8 football at North Georgia Christian and saw time at every position on the field, with a majority of it being at middle linebacker. For the junior, that experience helped him not to become a kicker that does not consider his job finish after a kickoff, but an aggressive player looking to make the tackle. During past offseasons, he regularly takes part in MMA fighting-workouts with a friend and often plays pick-up soccer games to strengthen his leg. Stanton has also done personal work with the NFL’s All-Time Scoring Leader and former Atlanta Falcons kicker, Morten Andersen. Growing up, the junior mainly played club soccer and was also a level-six gymnast at eight years old, something rarely seen in the sport at the young age. He was introduced to kicking by a pee-wee coach while playing in Flowery Branch and it was seemingly a perfect fit for Stanton. Surely his teammates think so.