2015 National Team

Chase Brice

Player Bio

Do you remember your first varsity start and how was it?
“Yes, I do remember my first start. I was a freshman and it was against Shiloh at home. I was pretty nervous actually, even though I felt prepared. I did really well in that start and it carried me for the rest of my freshman season.”

Have you played quarterback your entire life and what made you want to play quarterback?
“I have played quarterback my whole life. I never really asked to be a quarterback. My dad just kind of put me there. After a few seasons in the recreation league, I noticed how much I liked being a quarterback and having control. Plus, my favorite player back in the day was David Greene.”

Quarterbacks are supposed to be the leader of the offense. How do you lead? Examples?
“My leadership is a little bit different. I’m not the type to get geeked up and excited like some guys. I like to stay calm and focused, mostly keeping things to myself. I lead mostly by doing the right thing.”

Who is the most influential person in your life?
“I would have to say my dad is the most influential person in my life because I learn the most from him. “

How many brothers and sisters, what ages and do they play sports?
“I have twin sisters. They are 15 and play softball.”

Parents name and did they play sports in college?
“Billy and Jenny Brice. My dad, Billy, played baseball at Troy State University, now (Troy University).”

Do you do any work in the community?
“I help out sometimes with the younger teams in Grayson and I’ll also work at the Gwinnett Co-op sorting foods.”

What colleges have shown interest in you/offered you?
“Clemson, Michigan State, Kentucky, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Miami, Louisville, Wake Forest and Cal are several who have offered me.”

What has been your best football memory?
“My best football memory would have to be when we (Team Georgia) won the FBU National Championship in my eighth grade year.”

Did you attend any camps this offseason?
“I went to camps at Clemson, UNC, Tennessee and Alabama this summer. Also, I went up to Baltimore to participate in the Rivals QB challenge.”

Play any sports besides football?
“I play baseball for my high school. I have started at third base since freshman year.”
What is a fact about you many people that don’t know you, wouldn’t be able to guess?
“A lot of people on our community know, but many outside of Grayson don’t know that Coach Conn is my uncle.”

What’s it like playing for Coach Conn?
“It’s great playing for him. I really enjoy it. He and I share a lot of characteristics. We are both very competitive and sometimes it shows on the practice field or in a game. It doesn’t bother either of us at all that we are related, and I’m the quarterback. He treats me just like everybody else, which means a lot to me. Coach Conn is a real energetic, passionate coach. He does the right things and I love playing for him! “