2014 South

Position:Offensive Line

Player Bio

Grovetown’s D’Ante Smith is a young man who knows the importance of being well rounded on and off the field. On the football field, D’Ante is known for his blocking at the tackle position. The 6-foot-5 Smith when asked what makes him standout as a player explained, “A stand out player stands out on the field, in the classroom, at home and in the community. It means having the ability to motivate your teammates, being respectful to everyone and always striving to do your best.” His philosophy paid off this year as he was named 2014 1st Team All-County, 2014 2nd Team All-Region, 2014 Coaches Award for Grovetown High School Football Team and was a CSRA Junior Bowl Selectee.

D’Ante mentioned being able to stand out in the classroom and the community as what makes him such a great player and he was able to back it up this year. He currently holds a 3.3 GPA and would love to attend Georgia Tech if the opportunity presents itself. When asked what he would like to study he said, “Mechanical or Computer Science Engineering because I want to be innovative and create and better some of today’s devices that are used.” D’Ante is always looking to better the world and those around him. He participates in the Alzheimer’s, Breast Cancer and Heart Association fundraising and awareness walks. He has also volunteered with his church at the Golden Harvest Food Bank. “It is important to get involved to help others including yourself. People go through all kind of stuff and need to know they are not alone.”

D’Ante wanted to thank the people around him and the process for helping him throughout high school. He said that being thankful, praying and the help and support from his family, coaches and mentors is what has kept him grounded and taught him the most along the way. He is the youngest child in his family. His older sister Ambrielle attends college at Fort Valley State University. Aside from football, D’Ante likes to wrestle and enjoys playing video games and spending time with his family, especially his grandfather who always makes him laugh.