2015 American

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School:North Gwinnett

Player Bio

Do you remember your first varsity start and how was it?
“My first varsity start was in my sophomore year. The senior starter became ill just before kickoff of the Collins Hill game. Next man up! I was pretty nervous at first but once I began to play a few downs I just focused on my assignments to put my team in the best position to win the game.”

Have you played DL your entire life and what made you want to play DL?
“I have not played D-line my whole life. I played running back, fullback, quarterback, wide receiver, tight end, slot receiver, linebacker, cornerback and safety. What made me play D-line was I spoke to my head coach, Bob Sphire, and we felt that defensive end was the position where my skills and talents could excel.” 

What is your best asset as a DL? More of a pass rusher or run stuffer? Use your strength, speed or technique the most? Favorite DL in NFL?
“My best asset at D-line would be my speed as an edge rusher and my ability to overpower the offensive lineman across from me. I feel that my strength plays a pivotal role as well in my ability to make plays. I can get the offensive lineman moving and can find my way around him with solid technique. I’d say I can both stop the run, and in long pass situations I can get to the quarterback well. In all aspects of my play I use strength speed and technique to get the job done. My favorite D-lineman in the NFL would be JJ Watt due to his tremendous work ethic.”

Who is the most influential person in your life?
“The life of Jesus Christ because he is my Lord and Savior. He has done so many things for my family and me over the years.”

How many brothers and sisters, what ages and do they play sports?
“I have one brother and one sister. My brother, Daniel Jordan, Jr., is 18 and plays college football at Kennesaw State University as a center. My sister, Chantal Jordan, is 14 and swims for Swim Atlanta.” 

Parents name and did they play sports in college?
“My father is Daniel Jordan, Sr. and he attended Morehouse College in Atlanta but did not participate in college athletics. My mother is Candace Jordan and attended St. Louis University and also did not participate in college athletics.” 

Do you do any work in the community?
“We are currently helping orphan children through the Salvation Army and are constantly donating supplies to organizations that have people in need.”

What colleges have shown interest in you/offered you?
“I have been offered by Boston College, Wake Forest, Nebraska and Duke University.”

What do you want to study in school?
“I want to study sports medicine or entrepreneurship.”

What has been your best football memory?
“Playing in the Dome for my first time was my best football memory. It was a great experience on the big stage being able to compete against some top tier talent.”

 Gain any accolades? Did you attend any camps this offseason?
“I was selected as Gwinnett County defensive player of the month. I attended The Nike Opening Regional where I placed in the top five for defensive lineman at the camp.”

Play any sports besides football?
“I’ve played baseball, basketball, track and I used to swim.”

Outside of playing sports, what would you want to do for a living?
“I want to be a business owner.”

What is a fact about you many people that don’t know you, wouldn’t be able to guess?
“I was born with blonde hair, and it freaked my mom and dad out.”