2014 North

Isaac Weaver
Position:Offensive Line

Player Bio

Lassiter’s Isaac Weaver has long snapped since his sophomore season and made the jump to full time starting tackle this year. At 6-foot-6 and 270 pounds, Isaac has great size that allows him to get leverage on opponents and finish out blocks. He thinks one of his strongest traits is that he never gives up on plays and always plays till the whistle. His versatility as both a long snapper and tackle gives him the ability to play either position at the next level.

Since it is Isaac’s first year starting at tackle, he has not gotten any offers just yet but some schools have started to take interest. Kennesaw State and Duke have checked in on the junior and will continue to monitor his progress as he enters his senior season. Isaac attended camps at Clemson and Kennesaw State to help gain more exposure and took away some much-needed experience. He said that it was a great opportunity to be able to play against good talent that he wouldn’t be able to meet in the regular season and Isaac was able to learn a lot about footwork and technique.

Isaac focuses solely on football when it comes to sports, but he also manages to do well in school and help out in his local community. Isaac regularly brings in A’s and B’s on his report cards and holds a 3.2 GPA. He would like to go into the medical field and study medicine in school. His mother works at Northside Hospital and Isaac works there during the summer with the PACU branch where he would help make sure patients were comfortable and taken care of after their procedures.

Weaver is interested in studying medicine at possibly Appalachian State. He once visited the campus and said that he thought it was a cool place. He enjoyed the fact that it had cool weather and that it was nestled between the mountains. Isaac is a bit of an outdoorsman as he is an avid fisher. He enjoys going fishing at Carters Lake in Ellijay where his parents have a place.

As much as an outdoorsman he may be, Isaac still has love for football. His favorite memory came as a freshman when he was called up to the varsity squad and was a part of the Trojans’ 10-0 regular season team. His parents and his coaches have helped him along the way and Isaac will surely try to recreate the success Lassiter saw his freshman year next season.