2015 American

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Player Bio

Do you remember your first varsity start and how was it?
“It was against Worth County. We won and I had 77 yards.”

Have you played running back your entire life and what made you want to play running back?
“I played for a traveling team in Macon when I moved up with my mom and I played defensive end for awhile because I was big. When I came back to Fitzgerald, I went back to playing fullback. My uncle was a running back and fullback and he taught me how to play running back.”

What is your best asset as a running back and who do you model your style after?
“I try to look at a lot of different players. You have to have a variety of moves. I like Adrian Peterson because he does whatever it takes to get the job done.”

Who is the most influential person in your life?
“My uncle because he taught me how to not make the same bad decisions he dealt with in his life.”

Do you do any work in the community?
“I try to go to every little league football game I can and work the chains.”

What colleges have shown interest in you/offered you?
“I am getting letters from Georgia, South Carolina and Georgia Tech. My only offer thus far is from Georgia Southern.”

What has been your best football memory?
“It was our game last year against Greater Atlanta Christian. It was in the playoffs the round before the dome. It was 4th and 6, and we ran a fake punt. I caught the ball off the fake and I ran it almost 50 yards and a guy on their team that now plays wide receiver at Auburn caught me on the one-yard line. Everybody was saying how he caught me but he is a division one prospect that runs a 4.2, and I am a fullback that runs a 4.4-4.5. It was amazing because nobody knew it was going to work.”

Play any sports besides football?
“I run track. I do the 100m, 200m, long jump and the 4 x 100m.”

What is a fact about you many people that don’t know you, wouldn’t be able to guess?
“I am not the type of person that hangs out with a lot of people. You have to watch who your friends are and I only hang out with a couple people. I try to keep my distance from trouble.”