2015 American

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School:St. Pius

Player Bio

Do you remember your first varsity start and how was it?
“Yes it was versus Blessed Trinity the first play I made the first tackle”

Have you played DL your entire life and what made you want to play DL?
“Yes I’ve been playing DL since I was 5.”

What is your best asset as a DL? More of a pass rusher or run stuffer? Use your strength, speed or technique the most? Favorite DL in NFL?
“I’m quick and powerful. I feel like I’m all around but I’m a better pass rusher. I start with strength then I use my speed and technique the rest of the way. My favorite DL is JJ Watt.”

Who is the most influential person in your life?
“My dad.”

How many brothers and sisters, what ages and do they play sports?
“I have one brother one sister. My brother is 13 my sister is 19.”

Parents name and did they play sports in college?
“Henry and Valeria Lewis and my dad played football at the University of Houston.”

Do you do any work in the community? (i.e. help coach kids, volunteer, active in church)
“Yes I do.”

What colleges have shown interest in you/offered you?
“Clemson, Mississippi State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Michigan, The University of Miami (FL), Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida State, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida.”

What do you want to study in school?
“I want to be a writer.”

What has been your best football memory?
Beating Woodward in the Semifinals to go to State

Did you attend any camps this offseason?
“Clemson, North Carolina and South Carolina.”

Play any sports besides football?
“Track and Field.”

Outside of playing sports, what would you want to do for a living?
“I would like to be a writer or a lawyer.”

What is a fact about you many people that don’t know you, wouldn’t be able to guess?
“I like to read poems and write poems.”