2014 South

Mack Nash
Position:Tight End

Player Bio

Mack Nash is a tight end from Camden County High School that has made a mark with his aggressive style of play and team-oriented drive. He possesses great size and, according to Wildcats head coach Welton Coffey, is a very physical blocker that has also started to improve with his hands.

The 6-foot-5, 239-pound Nash was one of Camden County’s most efficient blockers in its run-heavy offense during 2014, satisfying 92 percent of his blocking assignments. He has drawn interest from various schools including Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Northwestern and Tennessee, while also receiving an offer from South Florida.

Even though his role as a blocking tight end does not draw the awe and interest like his highly-recruited counterparts typically do, it is not something that occupies the mind of Nash. The junior stated that he is not a player who is motivated by statistics but is more occupied with the final result.

That determination helped greatly while starting on the varsity squad as a sophomore, helping the Wildcats to finish the 2013 season with a 10-2 record while reaching the semifinals for just the third time in school history.

That result-oriented mindset is reflected with his performance in the classroom where Nash is enrolled AP and Honors courses. He has maintained a 4.0 grade-point average, which currently places him third in his academic class.

After football, he hopes to work in the field of either biology or business, with the latter being a field where he hopes to establish connections and work to go up the ranks, similar to how he goes about his gridiron endeavors.