2015 National Team

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School:Mt. Vernon Presbyterian

Player Bio

 Do you remember your first varsity start and how was it?
“My first varsity start was Freshman year I started at receiver and we were getting blown out but I got a chance to score a touchdown that game which gave me a confidence boost.”

Have you played LB your entire life and what made you want to play LB?
“Yes I have. Well I play D-End which is the same thing but yes I have and play receiver to.”

What is your best asset as a LB? How do you lead on the field? Who has been the toughest ball carrier to bring down??
“Well when I am on the field I pick up this leadership role where it’s like if a big play is made by the other team then I try and pick the guys up. I have yet to run into a back where they are tough to bring  down, one would probably be my teammate Ahmir.”

Who is the most influential person in your life?
“The most influential person in my life is my cousin that died. I spend most of my time just thinking about him and wishing he could be here to see me play.”

How many brothers and sisters, what ages and do they play sports?
“Well I have 3 brothers and one sister my sister is 14 and my brothers are 19, 21 and 24. Me and my sister play sports; she plays basketball and also my 9 year old brother plays basketball too.”

Parents name and did they play sports in college?
“My mom’s name is Leticia Bembry she played basketball and my dad’s name is Danny Sirmans, he played football.”

Do you do any work in the community?
“I go out and give food to the homeless.  I spend time with kids who are not as fortunate as we are.”

Outside of playing sports, what do you do for fun?
“I like to just be around my family because they are just great to be around and when we get together it’s a great environment.”

What is a fact about you many people that don’t know you, wouldn’t be able to guess?
“I am a big car guy that likes to work on cars and just wants to build a 1970 Chevy Chevelle from scratch.”