2014 North

Tristan Crowder
Position:Offensive Line

Player Bio

Tristan Crowder is beginning to emerge as a big-time prospect on the offensive line at Carrollton High School. He carries the one quality that will draw the attention of any school, size. Standing at 6-foot-5 while weighing 290 pounds, the junior uses his hands quite well and proves to be effectively mobile for a kid his size.

That skill-set works effectively well for him on his blocking ability in the run as well as the passing game. According to Trojan head coach Ed Dudley, Crowder is still maturing physically and has extra room for growth, which is a scary thought.

He possesses the athleticism that allows him to be moved anywhere on the offensive line and can be relied on to execute, something he did exceptionally well in 2014. According to Coach Dudley, Crowder satisfied 83.5 percent of his blocking assignments while recording 47 knockdown blocks during the season.

Crowder loves the physicality of the position. He spoke, cut-and-dry, that his favorite aspect of the game of being a lineman is with the chance of dominating opponents by ‘hitting them before they hit you.’ Without a doubt, it is not an easy task for opposing linemen to battle in the trenches with a lineman of Crowder’s strength, where has been recorded for a squat of 415 pounds and a clean-lift of 270.

That combination of size and strength has drawn attention for various schools throughout the Southeast including Kennesaw State, Mercer and Clemson. The interest from various schools made the offensive tackle realize his ability, and he took that motivation and ran with it. He said adieu to high school basketball and dedicated his efforts toward the goal of playing at the next level.

Aside from football, Crowder manages to stay on top of his grades as the junior carries a grade point average of 3.3. After he finishes his playing days on the gridiron, he would like to stay around the game. He hopes to one day become a football coach or get involved in physical education due to his passion of staying physically active.