2015 National Team

Xavier Jenkins
School:Lowndes County

Player Bio

Do you remember your first varsity start and how was it?
“My first varsity start was my sophomore year. I remember we scrimmaged Norcross and I had a deep route to run. The quarterback threw it long, the safety tipped it up and I caught it for a touchdown.”

Have you played wide receiver your entire life and what made you want to play wide receiver?
“I played pee-wee league as a wide receiver up until now as a junior. I just loved running and I always wanted the ball in my hands.”

What is your best asset as a wide receiver and who do you model your style after? More comfortable outside or in the slot?
“My best asset as a wide receiver is my athleticism/speed for a kid my size. I mainly watched DeVante Parker from Louisville where my brother plays now and Sammy Watkins because we looked alike at the position. I prefer playing outside.”

Who is the most influential person in your life?
“My mom because she pushes me to do better everyday and encourages me to go harder as an athlete on and off the field. She’s been there with me every step of the way and reminds me to thank the man above.”

How many brothers and sisters, what ages and do they play sports?
“I have three sisters: Jalashia, 22, Jaquaisha, 19 and Delexsia, 15 “

Parents name and did they play sports in college?
“Stephanie Byrd, played softball up until middle school, Xavier Jenkins Sr, played football up until high school.”

What colleges have shown interest in you/offered you?
“University of Miami, University of Florida, Georgia Southern, UGA and FSU. I get a lot of questionnaires from other colleges too but nothing serious.”

What do you want to study in school?
“I want to major in construction.”

What has been your best football memory?
“When I got to compete against my brother at the Al Golden Camp in Miami.”

Gain any accolades? (All-Region, State, etc.) Did you attend any camps this offseason?
“University of Miami, University of Florida, Georgia Southern.”

Know any of your stats?
“No. 5 in my region with nine touchdowns this year, 472 total receiving yards, 18.9 ARY, 25 catches, 31.5 RYPG.”

Play any sports besides football?
“I run track.”

Outside of playing sports, what would you want to do for a living?
“I want to have my own successful construction business.”