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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

12:00-1:30pmPlayers & Coaches Registration and Photos (McEachern Gymnasium)
1:30-3:00pmSeniors/Freshman Depart for Hotel Check-In and Return
1:30-2:15pmSophomores/Juniors Meeting on Field/Walk-Thru
Sophomores/Juniors-Full Pad Practice
Seniors/Freshman -Meeting on field/walk-thru
4:30pmSophomores/Juniors Depart for hotel check-in
4:15-5:45pmSeniors/Freshman Full Pad Practice
6:15pmSeniors/Freshman depart for hotel
8:00-9:00pmTeam Dinner at Hotel
11:00pmRoom Checks by coaches

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

6:30-8:00amComplimentary Breakfast at Hotel
8:15amSeniors/Freshman depart hotel
8:30-9:30amSophomores/Juniors Position Meetings in Ballroom
9:15-10:45amSeniors/Freshman full pad practice
9:45amSophomores/Juniors Depart hotel
10:45am-12:15pmSophomores/Juniors full pad practice
11:00am-12:00pmSeniors/Freshman Lunch (McEachern Cafeteria)
12:00-12:45pmSeniors/Freshman Position Meeting/Break
12:30-1:30pmSophomores/Juniors Lunch (McEachern Cafateria)
1:00-2:30pmSeniors/Freshman full pad practice
2:45pmSeniors/Freshman Depart for Hotel
3:00-4:30pmSophomores/Juniors full pad practice
4:45pmSophomores/Juniors depart for hotel
5:15pmSeniors/Freshman Depart Hotel for Stars and Strikes
6:00-8:00pmSeniors/Freshman Stars and Strikes Team Dinner
7:00pmSophomores/Juniors depart hotel for Stars and Strikes
7:45pm-9:45pmSophomores/Juniors Stars and Strikes Team Dinner
8:00pmSeniors/Freshman Depart for Hotel
10:00pmSophomores/Juniors depart for hotel
11:00pmRoom checks by coaches

Thursday, December 28, 2017

7:00-10:00amComplimentary Breakfast at Hotel
8:00amFreshman depart hotel
8:15-8:45amFreshman dress and tape
8:45-9:20amFreshman Pregame stretch
9:50amFreshman Line-up for introduction
10amFreshman Elite Classic Kick Off
10:30amSophomores depart hotel
10:45am-11:15pmSophomores Dress and Tape
11:15-11:50pmSophomores Pregame Stretch
12:20pmSophomores Line-up for introduction
12:30pmSophomore Elite Classic Kick off
12:00pmJuniors/Seniors depart hotel
12:30-1:30pmLunch in Cafeteria
1:30-2:00pmJuniors dress and tape
2:00-2:30pmJuniors Pregame stretch
2:45pmJuniors Line-up for introduction
3:00pmJunior Elite Classic Kick Off
4:15-4:45pmSeniors dress and tape
4:45-5:15pmSeniors Pregame stretch
5:15pmSeniors Line-up for introduction
5:30pmSenior Elite Classic Kick Off