2023 GEC Rules

Standard NFHS rules will apply, except the items listed below:
a. NFL timing rules will be used.Clock runs continuously except on incompletions, timeouts, injuries, change of possession and scores.
b.The high school games will consist of 15-minute quarters and the middle school game will have 12-minute quarters.
c. Field Goals over 45 yards are 4 pts.
— All kicks will be executed, but none will be live.No blocks, No returns.
 There will be a returner on all punts. The offense will take over where the ball is caught or comes to a stop. Two returners can be used. In case of a           muff, the ball will be marked where the ball was touched by the returner.
 KOs will be performed, but the offense will put the ball in play on the 30-yard line following the KO.
 Defense must use a 4-3 scheme.
 No blitzing, no aligning LBs on the line to show blitz.
 No twisting by the Defensive front.
 Defense can play man or zone coverages.
 Offense can employ multiple offenses but must have at least 1 back in a RUNNING BACK position (even or behind the QB). 
 Can not motion the single back out before the snap.
 Each team will have a TE.He can be flexed, played in the backfield or as an attached end line TE.
 Each team will have 1 coaches challenge per half.The jumbotron will be utilized by the referee to determine the call.
 3 Timeouts per half.
 There will be a two-minute warning in each half.